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 Screening of film Komal  and spreading awareness of POCSO E-Box

Published on 24th July 2017

Childhood is the primary stage of life. It knows no worry or anxiety, no good or evil. It is the
period of both ignorance and innocence. Teachers, parents and all concerned adults,
should all try to keep children safe from any kind of abuse. Within our different areas of
responsibility, guided by policy, legislation and experience, we should take steps to provide
what is best for children. One important step in this regard can be equipping and
empowering children at the right age.
Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India had commissioned a
short animated film (Komal) which has also won the national film award in the category of
“best educational film” to create awareness among school children about inappropriate
touch. This film is uploaded and available at CBSE youtube channel. The CBSE has
informed schools vide Notification dated 24th October 2015 regarding this film before as
well. The URLs on which this movie is available as under:
Komal (Hindi) =